“One stitch protects two lives”

  • The 'Hope swaddle blanket campaign' is Hope Bridge's maternal and child health campaign to save the lives of mothers and newborn babies of climate refugees.
  • In a disaster situation where nothing is well-equipped, mothers and children of climate refugees are exposed to unbalanced nutrition and unsanitary conditions, their lives threatened by bacterial infections and various complications.
  • Hope Bridge’s 'Hope swaddle blanket campaign' delivers swaddle blankets and mittens to newborn babies made by the campaign participants.
    We also send a ‘home delivery kit’ so that pregnant women who are not able to receive proper medical service can deliver a baby safely in a clean environment.


Two precious lives that the Hope swaddle blanket campaign protects

  • Handmade mittens and swaddle blanket for newborn


    Handmade mittens and swaddle blanket for newborn

  • Home delivery kit


    Home delivery kit

handmade mittens

Handmade mittens and swaddle blankets protect newborn babies by keeping their body temperature.

home delivery kit

We provide home delivery kits and hygiene education for mothers so that pregnant women who are affected by disasters can give birth in a safer and more sanitary environment.

Hope swaddle blanket kit

If you apply to make a Hope swaddle blanket, you can get a kit in a neat box as shown below.
After making the Hope swaddle blanket in the kit, send it to Hope Bridge, and it will be delivered to the climate refugee mothers and children along with the home delivery kit.

  • Hope swaddle blanket kit

    Hope swaddle blanket kit

    Hope swaddle blanket kit

    • Brochure
    • Volunteer application form
    • A postcard for volunteers to write a message of hope to the climate refugee mothers and children
    • Cloth, ribbon, and sewing tool to make mittens and swaddle blanket
    • Packet to send the finished Hope swaddle blanket
  • Delivery kit

    Delivery kit

    Delivery kit

    • Waterproof sheet
    • Maternity pads
    • Sterile blade
    • Sterile gloves
    • Sterile gloves
    • Educational booklet for a safe childbirth

Hope swaddle blanket campaign procedure

  • 아이콘


    Purchase a Hope
    swaddle blanket kit

  • 아이콘


    Make a Hope
    swaddle blanket

  • 아이콘


    Pack a swaddle blanket

  • 아이콘


    Hope Bridge packs
    the kit with a delivery kit

  • 아이콘


    Send swaddle blankets to beneficiary country

  • 아이콘


    Delivery to
    pregnant women

  • Countries like Nigeria, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Pakistan account for about 60% of worldwide newborn deaths. Countries with high maternal and child mortality rate are underdeveloped countries like Bangladesh, and most of the deaths are caused by infection at childbirth.
  • Hope Bridge carries out the Hope swaddle blanket campaign with the aim to support underdeveloped countries vulnerable to disasters including Bangladesh, which is our first country to receive home delivery kits.