‘Hope Bridge’ is a promise of trust that we will run to our neighbors
who are in despair due to unexpected disasters, share love with them, and help, encourage, and support them.

  • ‘Hope Bridge’ symbolizes a ‘Bridge to Hope through Sharing.’
  • 'The most beautiful bridge’ that passes on neighborly love through standing by our neighbors in times of hardship
  • ‘The strongest bridge’ that safely supports the footsteps of love and sharing
  • ‘The fastest bridge’ that runs to our neighbors suffering from disasters


The ‘Hopeful Curve’ is a visual reinterpretation of a bridge.
It represents a bridge that connects those who are in need and the warm helping hands.
‘Hopeful Curve’ symbolizes the love of ‘Hope Bridge’ that not only provides physical and
practical assistance but also delivers warm encouragement to our neighbors suffering from disasters.


Love & Passion Red
The color red symbolizes the sun, youth, speed, power, and heart. It also expresses the value of love and passion.
The red color (love and passion) of ‘Hope Bridge’ expresses our warm feelings for the neighbors and
our unwavering passion for relief activities. It also shows the passionate energy of ‘Hope Bridge’ that quickly,
powerfully, and aggressively engages in relief activities.


    CMYK ColorC0 M90 Y100 K0

    RGB ColorR232 G56 B13


    CMYK ColorC0 M10 Y15 K75

    RGB ColorR101 G92 B85


    CMYK ColorC42 M56 Y81 K0

    RGB ColorR165 G122 B67


    CMYK ColorC54 M45 Y44 K0

    RGB ColorR135 G135 B133


    CMYK ColorC0 M0 Y0 K100

    RGB ColorR0 G0 B0


  • Korean vertical type

  • Korean vertical type

  • English vertical type

  • Korean horizontal type

  • Korean horizontal type