Lee, Seung-yun

Lee, Seung-yunTV star

He made his debut as a comedian through KBS in 2006, who is a currently loved entertainer on various programs, such as “I’m Living with Nature”, “Gag Concert”, and “Omniscient Interfering View”. He has continued to lead in support for national disaster-affected people including participating in donations to residents suffering from Gangwon-do forest fires in 2019, to help prevent and overcome Covid-19 and to flood-affected neighbors in 2020 as well.
In the future, Hope Ambassador Lee Seung-yoon will actively participate in relief efforts for our neighbors harmed by disasters and climate refugees around the world.

Activities as Hope Ambassador

  • September 1, 2020: Appointed as Hope Ambassador of Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association

  • filmed the unboxing a relief kit video