We lead the way to a world safe from disasters.

Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association is a civil association established in 1961 by newspaper companies, broadcasting companies,
and social organizations to help our neighbors who are suffering from unexpected disasters.In 1959, we took the first step as ‘Korea Flood Damage Response Committee’
to help with funding for typhoon Sarah. In 1964, it was renamed as ‘Korea Disaster Response Association’ for a full-fledged relief response,
establishing donation culture in our society for the first time. With the amendment of the Disaster Relief Act in 2001, Korea Disaster Relief Association became the nation’s
only government-designated relief organization that can raise/distribute donations in case of domestic natural disasters.

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Hope Bridge Accomplishments

So far, we have raised KRW 1.6 trillion and collected 60 million relief items.
We have received the Presidential Commendation as an ‘organization contributing to disaster measures' five times: in 1996, 2002, 2011, 2017 and 2022.

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    Donation total

    1.6 trillion won

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    Total number
    of donated goods

    60 million

  • Awards

    5 Presidential Commendation


As a legal relief organization established in accordance with the Article 29 of the 「Disaster Relief Act」, Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association executes and manages funds transparently
based on the law.

We conduct external audits on each case of fundraising and distribution. We also conduct periodic external audits and internal accounting audits once a year for annual
accounts and closings of the yearly income/expenses. In addition, the results of fundraising and distribution of each donation are disclosed in a transparent manner through
the Hope Bridge website and newspaper announcements.

Project results

We provide detailed information on sponsored project results through annual reports, bi-monthly e-newsletters, and SMS text messages sent on each event.

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    Annual reports

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    e-news letters

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    SMS texts on each
    project outcome


Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association has made a monumental footprint
for humanitarian aid and disaster relief effort in Korea over the last half-century.

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Experience and know-how accumulated
over half a century

Since its foundation in 1961, Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association has made a monumental footprint in humanitarian aid and disaster relief response in Korea over the last half-century. We were there with our people whenever they suffered from numerous disasters that affected the entire country. The experience and know-how we accumulated from the scenes became our foundation for providing the best relief service.

Data-based scientific
relief response

The massive amount of data regarding various disasters and their victims that has been accumulated over 50 years is used as the foundation for scientific and systematic relief responses. Through our disaster safety research center and disaster management team, we are digitizing and reinterpreting disaster information to enable high-level and efficient relief responses and moreover, alleviate disaster damage and provide disaster welfare.

Disaster relief specialist
training organization

Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association is a disaster relief specialist training organization based on the Disaster Relief Act.
Therefore, we provide specialized training to the community disaster prevention teams, volunteers such as college students, and relief officers. We train them to serve as disaster relief experts at disaster sites. We are passionate in spreading the knowledge we have, such as disaster and relief system, disaster relief, and psychological support to help create a safer society.

Disaster relief specialist training organization

  • Disaster and relief activity systems

  • Disaster relief activities

  • Psychological support for victims

Our network

Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association takes prompt and professional relief responses in disasters by establishing cooperative network with central government agencies, local governments, major corporations, and media outlets.

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Network organization table
Network organization Cooperative contents
Central and local governments Ministry of Interior and Safety: Emergency relief activity through cooperation with the Ministry of Interior and Safety in case of a national-scale disaster in Korea or abroad
Local governments: Prompt relief service to residents in disaster-affected area through cooperation with 17 cities/provinces and 247 counties
Major companies and media outlets Broadcasting association and 3 major public TV companies: Emergency broadcasting for fundraising
Newspaper association and national newspapers: Fundraising through newspaper advertising
Corporate members including the Federation of Korean Industries: Top 100 corporates donation encouragement